Sasha Louis Vukovic: Writer, Director, Producer, Production Designer

Erin Irvin: Director of Photography

Erica Gulliver: Editor

Nathan Prillaman: Composer

Anne-Marie Ront: Sound Designer

Olivia Ball: Costume and Make-Up Designer

Vincent Turcot: Original Illustrations, Concept Artist

Alma Acosta: Special Make Up Effects, Assistant to the Costume Designer

Teresa Marie Doran: Art Director, Assistant Director, Associate Producer

David Stern: Director of Business and Legal Affairs, Executive Producer

Dan Lin: Executive Producer

Caleb Noel: Executive Producer

Paris Herbert-Taylor: Public Relations

Alex Loft: Foley Artist

Patrick Hirlehey: Colourist

Yvonne Sung: Production Assistant and "Behind the Scenes" footage photographer

Tatyana Vukovic: Still Photographer

Kate Noel: Still Photographer

Julie Jenkinson: Production Set Seamstress

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